I will introduce my work.

I am writing music, truck making, and saxophone playing.

Slumber after the rain



Ultra gamelan

I will introduce my belonging band.


EMPTY KRAFT is a band that explores new possibilities of dance and music entertainment and sends out.

I am playing saxophone while dancing with this dancer in this band.




Haute Couture Sax Quartet

Haute Couture Sax Quartet is working to play jazz and pop music with traditional music style of soprano, alto, tenor and baritone music.

MC and composition of songs are also being devised, and I am challenging for new chamber music entertainment.




Tokyo Chutei Iki

TOKYO is an ensemble of only 12 baritone saxophones.

Use of baritone saxophone and other than natural voice is forbidden.

2016 Montreal (Canada) Jazz Festival appeared.




Please contact us from contact form for performance, recording, request for composition.

Furthermore, we ask for your request in English in an easy-to-understand text.

Thank you:)